HPA2013 Award Certificate Ready for Downloading

Before its final termination, HPA2013 website is taking up its last mission of providing certificate-downloading service to winning photographers. The service is available today. The service of downloading participation


Standing on the Great Wall under a Blazing Sun

On June 23, photographers visited the Great Wall. According to the original plan, the group should leave the hotel in the early morning without breakfast to enjoy the morning light on the Great Wall. We would distribute a food package as


Interesting Sidelights on HPA2013

So Good to See Old FriendsThe reception day of HPA is also a day for reunion. We have made many friends during the past events, and HPA provides us an opportunity to meet our friends again. The French photographer Rozenn has


Memories of the Mankind, Treasure for Your Collection

The 8th Humanity Photo Awards came to its end and the Memories of the Mankind comes out waiting for your collection. Only a limited number of copies left from the Award Ceremony are for sale. 1-Memories of the Mankind


The 8th HPA Having Come to a Successful End

On June 24, the 5-day HPA13-14 event came to its conclusion with the last group of photographers leaving the Beijing Chateau Lafitte Hotel. More than 200 hundred of photographers, guests, jury members, and journalists from 31 countries


Memories of Mankind VIII Forum Ending Successfully

Winning photographers came to the Hot Spring Conference Center at 8:30, June 22, 2014, half an hour earlier than the scheduled time to give more time to the conference speakers.The first speaker is Mr. Matthew Kelly, a judge of HPA2013 Jury


HPA2013 Winners Lists

Winners The complete HPA2013 winner lists are published below. Last September, the announcement of postponing the HPA2013 Award Ceremony was released. Afterwards we relied heavily on the use of internet to invite international jurors and finished


Jury of Humanity Photo Awards 2013

Mr. Shen Che (China / Chairman of HPA 2013 Jury)Mr. Shen Che, founder and president of China Folklore Photographic Association, designer and driving force for Humanity Photo Awards, is also the president of World Folklore


Candidates for Jury’s Special Awards

JuryIDTitleCommentsMatthew Kelly (UK)9900The Agriculture in AnatoliaWonderful quality of images by using the available light well. The variety of viewpoints and framing makes this a great selection of images. 542


Call for Photos about HPA13-14 Events

We would love to have some of your photo collections about HPA13-14 events. The photographer we have arranged will focus more on stories for official news. The part about private conversations and personal stories, which are full of

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