Letter of Invitation from HPA2015

All the winners of HPA2015 are warmly invited to attend the HPA2015 Award Ceremony, which will be held from September 15-21, 2015 in Shangri-La City, Yunnan Province, China. HPA 2015 is an event held in celebration of UNESCO's 70th Annivers


Top 66 of HPA 2015 Coming Out

The second-round judging of HPA 2015 finally comes to an end with the66 candidates for the Grand Awardsbeing decided. They will enter the final-round judgingto be reviewed by the International Jury, who will vote online the best photo stori


Results of HPA2015 Second-Round Judging I Being Published

After weeks of hard work in reviewing the shortlisted 666 sets of photos in the second- round judging I of HPA2015, 500 sets of photos that will be awarded the Performance Award are now decided.Click 500 Performance Awards to see


666 Winning Photo Sets Entering the Second-Round Judging

The first-round judging for entries of HPA 2015 was over after careful and serious selection based on the contents, shooting techniques and aesthetics. 666 sets of photos are entitled to be in the second-round judging.This year there are ov


HPA 2015 Postponing Its Entry Deadline to 4:00 pm on April 17 (Beijing Time)

Dear friends, we make the decision to postpone the deadline for HPA 2015 submission and registration to 4:00 pm on April 17 (Beijing Time)  in consideration of the time difference, the large amount of works to be submitted and the poss


HPA 2015 Entry Collection Coming to A Fruitful End

The HPA 2015 entry collection which lasts for 7 months ends successfully at 4:00 pm on April 17, 2015 Beijing Time. From then on participants will not be able to register or submit photos.As of the deadline, HPA 2015 has collected over 8,00


Last Call for HPA 2015 Submissions

The HPA 2015 entry period will end five days later at 12:00pm on April 15th GMT (8:00 am, April 16th Beijing Time) . By then the participants will not be able to sign up, submit, edit information or log in, etc. The entry site 2015.hpa.org.


HPA 2015 Submission Closing 15 Days Later

Organized by: UNESCO, China Folklore Photographic AssociationCategories: portrait & costume, architecture, living Custom, production & commerce, festivities and traditional rites Deadline: April 15, 2015 How to enter: sign



ZEKEThe Magazine of Global Awareness published by SDN Zeke magazine goes on sale March 20. $11.00 for print and digital, $1.99 for digital only.ZEKE Magazine. The world explored through photographs, ideas, and words, by leading documen



The Humanity Photo Awards 2015 (HPA 2015) is now calling for international judges. There is no restriction on nationality of the judge. Anyone who meets the following criteria can submit his/her application.Criteria:Qualifications: A H

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