The HPA 2015 Award Ceremony Coming to A Successful End

The award ceremony of HPA 2015 was held in the afternoon of Sep. 18. Before entering the venue, all guests were required to sign their names on the signature board in front of the banquet hall. About 200 domestic and foreign photographers r


Photo Forum-“Rapprochement of Cultures: Power of Image”

The photo forum-“Rapprochement of Cultures: Power of Image” was held on Sep. 17. Before the forum, the local TV station interviewed one of the speakers Mr. Staffan and Mr. Shen Che, the president of CFPA. About 300 people have joined the


Visiting Tibetan Family and Holding NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee Conference

On Sep.16th the representative of UNESCO, members of NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee and members of International Jury accompanied by the officers from local government visited a Tibetan family in Zhongdian Village, Shangri-La City. The f


Preparation Work for HPA 2015 Award Ceremony

On Sep. 9 the HPA 2015 Work Team arrived in Shangri-La City and started a series of preparation works. To have a good and effective cooperation with the HPA 2015 Work Team, the government of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous prefecture held a work


Registration Day of HPA 2015 Award Ceremony

Sep.15 is the registration day of HPA 2015 Award Ceremony. In the early morning, the members of HPA 2015 Work Team were divided into two groups: one is responsible for picking up the guests at the airport and the other is getting prepared f


Press Conference of HPA 2015 Award Ceremony Holding in Kunming

The Press Conference of Humanity Photo Award 2015 Ceremony was held in Kunming on September 10, 2015. Mr. Lu Yongming, Minister of Publicity Department and a memberof the standing committeefrom DiqingTibetan Autonomous Prefec


Message from Ms Irina Bokova,Director-General of UNESCO on the occasinon of the CFPA Photo Album HPA

Message from Ms Irina Bokova,Director-General of UNESCO on the occasinon of the CFPA Photo Album HPA2015


Letter of Invitation from HPA2015

All the winners of HPA2015 are warmly invited to attend the HPA2015 Award Ceremony, which will be held from September 15-21, 2015 in Shangri-La City, Yunnan Province, China. HPA 2015 is an event held in celebration of UNESCO's 70th Annivers


Top 66 of HPA 2015 Coming Out

The second-round judging of HPA 2015 finally comes to an end with the66 candidates for the Grand Awardsbeing decided. They will enter the final-round judgingto be reviewed by the International Jury, who will vote online the best photo stori


Results of HPA2015 Second-Round Judging I Being Published

After weeks of hard work in reviewing the shortlisted 666 sets of photos in the second- round judging I of HPA2015, 500 sets of photos that will be awarded the Performance Award are now decided.Click 500 Performance Awards to see

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