Letter of Apology from HPA2013

Dear friend,I regret to inform you that the HPA2013 Award Ceremony and exhibition is put off to the first half of 2014 due to the changes of leaders in the original host city. The Mayor is currently under investigation.This sudden incident


HPA2013:Second Round of Evaluation Was Over

After weeks of hard work to evaluate the shortlisted 666 sets of photos in the second round of HPA2013, 66 candidates for the final round (see list) have been selected. They will be competing for the 6 Grand Awards, 60 Documentary Awards


Printing out your electronic copy of a Commermoration Certificate of the HPA 2013

During the process of printing out your copy of Commermoration Certificate of the HPA 2013, you may encouter some errors which leads to an "unproper" page layout, such as certificate all in English language, or all in Chinese language, or



The first-round evaluation of HPA2013 entries over. 666 serials of photos are entitled to be in the second-round evaluation. Read in details. The first-round evaluation of the 8th HPA contest has come to an end. 666 serials of photos


Results of first-round evaluation will be released in mid-July

With the reopen of its official website, HPA2013 enters the phase of first-round evaluation. According to the procedures, all participants are not allowed to upload any new photo or apply any modification to their submitted photos now. They


HPA2013 Official Website is re-open for Log-In

Works of judging and evaluation are being in progress…After having verified and collated of all the submitted photos, HPA2013 Official Website is re-open for Login for all registered participants on 23rd of May, 2013.We’re happy to tell


HPA2013 website is going to shut down for a month

As of 24:00April 19, 2013 West 12th District, HPA2013 website is going to entirely close for a month in order to collocate all the entering photos for the first-round evaluation. During this period, all the participants are not allowed to


HPA2013 Registration comes to an end successfully

Up to 24:00 April 15, 2013--GMT -12: 00, HPA2013 saw the closure of registration process. With 133 competing nations and over 6000 registrants for this contest, HPA2013 welcomes all participants to join HPA international family. In the


Personal Information shall not be shown on Photos

All HPA2013 Registrants:All personal information is not allowed to shown on your photos or word documents so as to ensure the fairness of the contest. Please check your photos to make sure that the information you fill in when registering


HPA Photo Submission Deadline is extended by 4 Days

Due to the surge of photos uploaded before the photo submission deadline, there is server’s block-up in our website which lead to frequent photo submission pauses. As a result, HPA 2013 Work committee has decided to extend HPA 2013 Photo

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